A Reputation of Transparency
and Progressiveness...

Priya Constructions takes pride in its long and eventful journey of developing and building top quality community properties that resides in the heart of Chennai. Beginning its foray into property development more than 3 decades ago, Priya Constructions is known for its established land bank, quality in every construction and being a customer-first company.

Transparency and Progressiveness are the two core principles that lies at the heart of our organisation, besides emphasising on cutting-edge technology and expertise in building beautiful homes.

We truly believe that Customers are the honest ambassadors of our brand and the lifeblood of our company - we cheris their relationship from the core of our heart.

35 Years of

122 Project

Expert teams

Founder, Visionary and a Game Changer
Mr V.S. Ramakrishnan

Mr V.S.Ramakrishnan, our Founder, Guide and Visionary believed that nothing is impossible for those who think they can. Starting his journey on a humble background but with a rich zeal to create concrete landmarks that stands out, his dedication and unparalled hardwork ensured Priya Constructions evolve into a successful entity with years of experience and expertise in creating top-notch apartments and properties.

Always in pursuit of making quality benchmarks, Mr Ramakrishnan's passion and commitment towards construction projects resulted in beautiful homes for thousands of happy families.

A living example of 'Age is just a number', Mr Ramakrishnan's relentless stride towards quality properties and construction is what keeps the journey more rewarding and joyful.